Blockchain, decentralization, and Smart Contracts

Blockchain, decentralization, and Smart Contracts

Cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of the modern world, revolutionizing the financial industry and changing our ideas about money. At the same time, to fully understand their nature and meaning, it is necessary to immerse yourself in the technologies behind them. We are talking about the blockchain, decentralization, and Smart Contracts. We will look at these technologies using Edelcoin as an example. It is a cryptocurrency fully backed by a portfolio of precious and base metals.

Blockchain and decentralization

Blockchain, or the so-called chain of blocks, is the basis for most cryptocurrencies, including Edelcoin. This is a decentralized technology that allows one to store data in encrypted form on the network, where each participant can verify and confirm transactions. Decentralization means that there is no single controlling authority or participant who could unilaterally change the data. As you can guess, all members of the network work together to maintain its operability.

Edelcoin uses Ethereum blockchain technology while issuing its tokens in the ERC-20 format. Such an approach makes it compatible with any wallet supporting ERC-20 and allows one to transfer and exchange them freely.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are another important technology behind cryptocurrencies. These applications automatically perform transactions or other actions when certain conditions are met. Edelcoin uses Smart Contracts to ensure the transparency and security of its operations. For example, using the lending protocol, users can lend their coins and receive interest from secure and transparent transactions between participants secured by smart contracts.

Edelcoin: Real use-cases

Edelcoin is a unique cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology, decentralization, and smart contracts to create a stable payment token secured by real assets. Each coin is 125% secured by a portfolio of pre-existing precious and base metals, which makes it less susceptible to volatility than tokens secured by a single asset.

In addition, Edelcoin offers several advantages for its users.

  • Firstly, it serves as an effective means of protection against inflation since it is not tied to inflationary fiat currencies and is backed by real assets.
  • Secondly, Edelcoin offers opportunities to generate income through additional services in the Edelverse ecosystem of Edelcoin, such as a lending protocol and the ability to deposit assets into liquidity pools.
  • Thirdly, due to its structure aimed at reducing volatility, the token serves as a reliable means of preserving value.


The technologies behind cryptocurrencies are opening up new opportunities for the financial world. Blockchain, decentralization, and smart contracts allow one to create secure, transparent, and efficient systems for the exchange and storage of value. Edelcoin is an example of how these technologies can be used to create unique and attractive solutions for cryptocurrency users.

  1. What blockchain technology does Edelcoin use?
    a. Bitcoin
    b. Ethereum
    c. Ripple
  2. What token format does Edelcoin use?
    a. ERC-721
    b. ERC-20
    c. TRC-20
  3. What opportunities does Edelcoin offer to its users?
    a. Protection against inflation
    b. Different ways of preserving value
    c. All of the above

Correct answers: 1 b, 2 b, 3 c.